Heal The Harbor

Hen Island is one of the largest privately held land parcels in Milton Harbor (25 acres) and needs to be protected from the very people that regulate it, both the private corporate owners, and the public governmental enforcement officials.

Our Mission Statement:

  • Reduce pollution effluent from Hen Island.
  • Keep the shores of Hen Island clean from trash and floating debris.
  • Ensure that the Hen Island Board of Directors and individual cottage owners, take responsibility for past actions and create a new environmentally friendly and safe atmosphere in Milton Harbor.
  • Require politicians, commissioners, and municipal employees to hold Hen Island (Kuder Island Colony Inc.) and its cottage owners to the same health, safety and building codes as every other community in Westchester County.

This is to be accomplished by education, cooperation, public exposure, and/or any other legal measures possible, until all issues are addressed within an acceptable manner.


IMAGE_rfk_about“Even in the U.S., which has some of the toughest environmental laws, safeguarding rivers and reservoirs is a constant struggle. While many companies obey the rules, others still try to use waterways as dumpsites. American environmental-enforcement officials have been bombed, shot, run over and sued while trying to perform their duties.

But the most demoralizing blows invariably come from their employers: the Governor or commissioner who wants to shield a political contributor or recruit polluters to the state by shutting down environmental enforcement.”
“Environmental injustice is morally equivalent to any other form of racism — it has immediate health impacts and in the longer-term destroys the cultures and vitality of our highest risk communities. Above all else, pollution is a human rights violation. We need to make sure that our laws, our enforcement and all of our institutions recognize, understand and eliminate environmental racism.

The solution to environmental racism remains the same: Better, stronger, environmental enforcement that protects every community and every citizen from pollution.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


H121_Backer“Suffice it to say, we have enough information to know that Hen Island sewage has only one place to go, and that’s into the Long Island Sound.”
“There appears to be pollution going into the Sound, and it’s good to see an individual taking on a group because of that.”

-Terry Backer

Executive Director, Soundkeeper

(The above quotes are being used on this web site with the express permissions of Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mr. Terry Backer.)