September 8, 2008

You See the Strangest Things in Rye
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Sunday evening Mr. Floatie was embraced by residents along the sidewalks of Purchase Street.


He told the very young he was a peanut, the adults figured out the truth. The high school and college kids hugged him and took cell phone pictures with him. He handed out Floatie bars and business cards written on toilet paper.

Heal The Harbor said: “All in all he was very successful in drawing attention to our website and all that is being ignored on Hen Island by officials in Rye.”


from Mr. Floatie’s press release:

Mr. Floatie and his vehicle are parked on high traveled roads and frequently visited shopping centers iin an effort to expose all the environmental woes and unsafe conditions present in Milton and Mamaroneck Harbors today.

Mr. Floatie is a loveable environmentalist and advocate for clean water. He is child-friendly, non-confrontational, and devoted to clean-water awareness. Mr. Floatie is tall, dark and handsome and wears a bright yellow sailor’s hat.

His mission is to meet as many people as possible and draw attention to the cause, which concerns all of us: a safe environment. Mr. Floatie is not here to create unpleasant controversy or bad feelings. He is fun loving and friendly and likes to give out high-five handshakes and Mr. Floatie Hershey bars.

In the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing the start of our Mr. Floatie Campaign in Rye and other Long Island Sound Shore communities. Mr. Floatie will be appearing live at special events to promote clean water, community health, and to spread the word about conditions on Hen Island in Rye, NY. He will be seen on the main land as well as boating along the shores of the sound. You’ll also see his smiling face adorning the sides of the “Floatie Mobile,” a sleek, blue 1938 Chevy parked around town in strategic locations.

We hope and encourage everyone to embrace Mr. Floatie as the true environmentalist that he is and would like everyone to share in the experience of helping the environment in a fun way.



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