Mayor Doug French – Criminal or Just Stupid?
Mayor Douglas French secretly renovated his rental home in Rye over many years including converting its heating system from oil to gas without any of the inspections or permits required by the Rye City Building Code. He took an illegal STAR tax exemption on that same rental property for over nine years ñ until he was exposed by our investigation last December. And heís paid property taxes on that same home for two decades at the Rye multi-family unimproved structure rate even though the house had long ago secretly been improved to a more valuable single family dwelling.

Is it any wonder then that Mayor French also still allows 34 homes on the shores of Long Island Sound to avoid city and county sewage and health code enforcement? Untreated raw human sewage seeps into Long Island Sound – water is collected from house rooftops for domestic use – thousands of gallons of this water are stored openly ñ breeding annual swarms of mosquitoís to plague residents of Greenhaven and Milton Point. To find out more about these – and other environmental crimes and lawlessness in Rye please visit the rest of our web site.



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