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Clarifying facts on Hen Island
Regarding June Ederer’s Sept. 9 letter on Hen Island: I am a Hen Island resident for more than 12 years and I have sat as a member on the board of directors.

Mrs. Ederer’s facts are inaccurate and distorted for a number of reasons. Mrs. Ederer’s “some cottages have enviro self-contained systems” only relates to one cottage. That system, along with the remaining 33 other systems, has never been approved by any governmental agency in New York state. One visit to the north end of Hen Island would reveal a sewage system located less than 10 feet from the high tide mark. This system is covered only by large rocks and floods during storm surges and full moon high tides.

There are also many other systems in use with similar problems. Mrs. Ederer’s claim about Hen Islanders being “environmentally sensitive” is another misrepresentation. Just a few years ago they were burying their garbage in the rear of the island’s common areas.

Hen Island’s mission statement for years has been to fly below the radar from any governmental agencies. This is why Hen Island has never been calledto be compliant with local, state or federal building, electrical, plumbing or health codes. I believe that Ray Tartaglione should be commended in his one-man quest to protect the health, safety and environment on and around Hen Island.

Contrary to Mrs. Ederer’s statement, I believe that your reporting of the facts was clear and objective, as it presented both sides of the argument asquoted by your reporter.

Claudio Iodice


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