Letters To The Editor
May 30, 2011

Park Floatiemobile Elsewhere, Mr. T

Dear Editor,

Does Ray Tartaglione really believe the Hen Island issue is Mayor French’s fault, thus giving him the right to publicly debase our elected official? (“Floatiemobile Returns”, May 22). Mr. Tartaglione has turned his drab-looking, soccer mom minivan into a floating billboard with Photoshopped images of Mayor French and all but one of the other City Councilmembers engaged in a private act painted on the sides. This eyesore does not have a sunroof, but instead sports an actual toilet mounted on top.

Turning his car into a publicity stunt to disrespect the Mayor is a fine example to send to the youth of Rye. Maybe Mr. Tartaglione should park his billboard at all the elementary schools. And while he is there, he can enroll in kindergarten and discuss it during Show & Tell. I’m sure he would be willing to answer all the questions the kids might have regarding what’s depicted.

Mayor French has said he is “going to review Hen Island, assess the situation, and take a straightforward, tactical approach” — a process and steps that were never part of Mayor Otis’ playbook. Rye was not built in a day.

The “Floatiemobile”, as it is called, is the perfect name for Mr. Tartaglione’s vehicle. When turned upside down, it can float in the toilet mounted on its roof…. right where it belongs.

Keep up the good work, Mayor French.

Warren J. Wadma


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