Rye City to Hen Island resident: Tear Down That Wall! 
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February 8, 2010

RYE – There goes $90,000.

myrye_wallimageIn a resolution adopted last week and signed by Rye City Planner Christian Miller, the Rye City Planning Commission is requiring Joann Molloy, owner of the Molloy Cottage, one of 34 homes on Hen Island, to remove a massive 16 foot high sea wall that was built without city, state or federal permits. According to sources the wall cost over $90,000 to install and Hen Island shareholders have spent another $50,000 working to legalize the structure.

The ruling from the Planning Commission, a four page document, says in part:

“Constructing a substantial 16-foot high wall that resulted in a 230% increase in length of the existing wall and then seeking permission from the Commission after-the-fact denies the Commission the opportunity to consider alternatives as required by law and sets an undesirable precedent.”

The move by the Planning Commission is a victory for Hen Island resident and Rye City agitator Ray Tartaglione. Tartaglione is behind Mr. Floatie and has been a regular at city council meetings over the last couple years. Last April, Rye City issued violations for various fire code and structural issues with homes.

Tartaglione told MyRye.com “In 2007 before the Otis administration started the cover-up the City issued a violation for constructing the wall without a permit. When I asked the building department in 2008 what happened to the violation issued in 2007 why wasn’t the Island in court? They told me the City lost the violation.

After repeated pressure from me, the city finally brought the Island to court for their actions. They were directed by the court to apply to the planning board for permits to legalize the illegal structure. Last week the planning Commission rejected the application because no one could attest to the structural integrity and safety of the wall.”


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