At the Rye City Council meeting Monday night, Hen Island agitator Ray Tartaglione was at it again, and his comments were biting.

Tartaglione, known for his one-man band Hen Island antics with Mr. Floatie, charged locations in Rye have tested positive for West Nile virus according to his sources at the Westchester Department of Health. He was suggesting the City knew this and had not disclosed this fact. During the meeting Tartaglione refused to release any report or name his source inside the Westchester Health Department.

Tartaglione’s vitrol included telling Rye Mayor Doug French “you are a disgusting individual who should be relieved of his position today” and then nailing the Rye City Manager with the comment “you are a liar Mr. Pickup.”

Then today (Wednesday) Rye Mayor Doug French forwarded a report from the Westchester Department of Health detailing an inspection of Hen Island on July 19th where one batch of mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile virus (although most of the report says all other things for the most part are in order).

Mayor French said “As you may know, the City relies on the County DOH [Department of Health] — as most local municipal governments do — to provide the necessary expertise and guidance on health and environmental matters to ensure the safety of our residents and acts accordingly based on their directives.  The complaints about sewage, potable water and mosquitoes were once again investigated by the County DOH and attached is the latest report.  Please contact the County DOH directly should you need further information or have any questions.” The report was conducted in response to a complaint filed. One would have to imagine it was Tartaglione who complained.

This report aligned with a report of 17 cases of West Nile found in June and July listed in the Westchester County web site; three of the cases are listed in Rye (exact locations are not named). Further, Rye Nature Center head Christene Siller told yesterday “Westchester County monitors several locations throughout the area for West Nile.  Our site is one of several places in Rye where this monitoring occurs. There is no official report that I have been given by the County as to whether the Nature Center tested positive or not this year.”

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