floatieAmbassador for Heal the Harbor, Inc. Mr. Floatie, the Ambassador for Heal the Harbor, Inc. is a lovable environmentalist & advocate for clean water. He is child-friendly, non-confrontational and devoted to clean-water awareness. Mr. Floatie is tall, dark and handsome and in the height of nautical fashion sporting his bright yellow sailor hat and matching boots, as well as a toilet paper bow tie and white gloves.

Floatie is a man with a mission. He wants to expand his network by meeting as many people as he can, and drawing attention to a cause which concerns us all: a safe environment.

He is not here to create an unpleasant controversy or bad feelings. He is fun-loving, family friendly and he likes to give out high-five handshakes, and Mr. Floatie Hershey bars. If you are lucky, he may even sing for you… he loves to entertain an audience!

Mr. Floatie likes to appear live at special events around Rye, NY and other Long Island Sound Shore communities. He is here to peacefully promote the message of clean water, community health and the conditions on Hen Island in Rye, NY. Like the mailman, Mr. Floatie travels on land and on sea to deliver his message. Floatie loves to travel in style. On the mainland he can be seen cruising around in his ‘ Floatie Mobile,’ a sleek, blue 1938 Chevy that makes its appearance in strategic locations around town drawing attention and interest to the cause. On the Long Island Sound, Mr.

Floatie sails through the harbor in his motorboat. Everywhere he goes, Mr. Floatie draws a crowd of curious onlookers wondering who this mysterious character is and why he is appearing at their events. He is more than happy to answer your questions. He loves making new friends and sharing his concerns with others who care.

We encourage everyone to embrace Mr. Floatie as the true environmentalist he is and we would like everyone to share the experience of helping the environment.So please welcome Mr. Floatie and invite him to your events, public or private.He is here to help preserve one of our most precious resources, the Long Island Sound.

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