Mr. Floatie’s New  Assistant, Jack A.

Mulish Refusal by Rye to Admit Environmental Wrongs Attracts New Sure-footed Supporter

mrjackieaRye, New York—February 22, 2009
Despite public outrage about environmental “mistakes,” made by City of Rye officials with regard to both Bob Schubert’s wetlands garden and to the sanitary and building code violations on Hen Island, Mayor Steven Otis and the city council continue to stubbornly refuse to admit that errors have been made and to take immediate transparent steps to correct them.

Heeding the Feb 20th call of Rye City Fecal Council spokes-turd Mr. Floatie to “help plumb the depths of this malodorous misadventure in municipal malfeasance” is a new supporter of the cause of environmental preservation – the fabulous feather brained four legged party animal, Mr. Jack A.

Always fun and ever willing to expose political hypocrisy Mr. Jack A is a mute but keen eyed witness to Rye City administrative municipal mulishness. Stubborn and unable to think his way out of even the simplest jam, Mr. Jack A shares many traits with the current Rye City council.

Mr. Floatie welcomed Mr. Jack A to the cause and stated “We’re thrilled to have a real Jack A at our side as we prepare to hoof and bray our way to victory in Rye.” Mr. Jack A mutely signaled his commitment to joining Mr. Floatie at each and every City Council meeting in the coming months as the fight for environmental justice grinds on.

Welcome Mr. Jack A! 

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