County Sanitary Codes Regarding Sewage

Sec. 873.731. Exposure of sewage

No person shall construct, or maintain any privy, cesspool, sewage disposal system, pipe or drain so as to expose or discharge the sewage contents or other deleterious liquid or matter therefrom to the atmosphere or on the surface of the ground or into any storm sewer or drain nor so as to endanger any source of supply of drinking water nor so as to discharge into any water course or body of water unless approval for such discharge shall have been issued therefor in accordance with the provisions of this code or the Public Health Law.

Complete daily records shall be kept of the operation of any sewage or waste treatment or chlorination as required under the provisions of any written approval for discharge issued therefor in accordance with the provisions of this code or the Public Health Law.

(Added 7-19-2001, eff. 7-19-2001)

Sec. 873.733. Disposal of offensive material. A. Storage. No person shall permit, deposit, store or hold any offensive material on any premises or place or in any building or structure unless such material is so treated, screened, covered or placed as not to create a nuisance detrimental to health. All containers for the storage of such material shall completely confine the material, shall be rodent and insect proof and shall be kept in an inoffensive and sanitary condition at all times. 

B. Privies. No person shall hereafter construct, or provide any privy unless it is constructed and maintained so that all human excreta is received in a water-tight vault or receptacle wherein the contents are continuously subjected to an effective disinfectant. The commissioner may require the use of any existing privy to be discontinued, the contents removed, and the pit filled with inert material, whenever the use of such privy is no longer necessary or whenever such privy is located, constructed or maintained otherwise than in conformity to the provisions of the State or County Sanitary Code, or creates a nuisance. All privies shall be properly enclosed and screened, ventilated, lighted, kept in repair and shall be maintained at all times in a clean and sanitary condition. No privy shall be located or maintained within ten feet of any property line, within 25 feet of any public street or way or within 25 feet of any door or window of any building used for human occupancy. No such facilities shall be constructed under or within any building or structure intended or used for human occupancy.